Make Delicious Espresso Coffee at Home

Espresso is coffee of Italian origin, brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is generally thicker than coffee brewed by other methods, has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, and has crema on top.

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The Best Home Espresso Makers

These 12 home espresso makers from Amazon use various techniques to produce delicious espresso coffee at home, but they all have one thing in common. Every one has a 4 to 5 star rating from actual users. You can buy with confidence.

My Best Home Espresso Maker

With so many great home espresso makers, it's hard to narrow it down to one recommendation, but here goes:

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

For value and versatility, it's hard to go past the Ninja. See below for some additional images and Amazon reviews from real buyers.

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Ninja Home Espresso 1

Amazon customer review by Colorgirl.

"OMG! OMG!! O. M. G. !!!--My New Favorite Toy

When I sent for this, I had no idea how much fun we were going to have with this. There are only a handful of things in any given year that make me THIS excited, so I must control myself from gushing too much. Let's see what our experience has been with this unit!


This unit is not too large, but nor is it small. It takes up some room on the counter, but it is compact considering what it does!


15 high by 9 1/2 deep by 10 wide is approximately what you need as a minimum area to place this unit on. In order to run all of it, however, you need about 8 inches of clearance minimum on each side to run the frother on one side and replace the water container on the other comfortably.


The set up is well thought out. You put about a half gallon or so of water in the tank on the right side of the unit. There is a thermal carafe that you can use with it that is stainless steel of you want a pot of coffee or tea. The screen on the front is dark until you push the power button and it lights up.

You use the top dial to choose what you want to make and what strength, and then you can opt for tea and those settings as well.


The milk frother is on a retractable arm which you can put warmed or cold milk in a cup on the side and power it up to froth the milk. It works decently and does foam up. You can remove the unit for cleaning.


The measure cup has coffee settings on one side and tea on the flip side. There is a large and small cup on each end. This fits onto the side of the unit out of the way when not in use.


These clue the machine into which you are making. It is easy to put on and tuck into the unit.


Again well laid out and thought out- this is inspirational and gets the creative juices flowing on what you can do with this great machine.


I will break down each of the creations we have made with this:


We have done cold brew coffee several ways from Kyoto method to the Gourmia machine which uses a fountain to run the cold water through for up to 40 min to have cold brew ready. We have used other methods as well. This method is what I would call a slightly lukewarm method. The water is barely warmed and sprayed through the coffee. It is done from 15 to 25 minutes depending on how much is made.

The measurements given for all recipes are WAY too strong for us- we cut them in half and they taste better. When cut in half, the coffee is smooth, not bitter, and does taste good hot or cold.


We have made oolong, black tea, decaf tea, many herbal teas, white tea, and green tea with this unit. ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC. The only problem we had was that it calls for WAY TOO MUCH TEA. When cut in half, the tea tastes really nice.


Even the hot brew coffee has been wonderful. We are not big hot brew fans of coffee, but this is a good option if that is what you like.


OMG this is amazing. We made a pot of tea and up to two hours later, it is still HOT. Same with coffee. This is a really amazing unit. It does not have a heating plate under it- does not need one. This baby stays hot a long while.


IF YOU HAVE WELL WATER THIS SAYS IN THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT IT WILL NOT WORK WITH WELL WATER. This does say it works with FILTERED water, and we have used a blend of filtered and distilled water just to be sure to keep it clear.


We have not had to deep clean yet, but if you avoid using tap or well water and opt for filtered or a blend of filtered and distilled water, it will not need cleaning as often.

The filters are easy to clean and fast too.

If it needs to be descaled, there is a recipe for using vinegar (white) to clean the unit.


Another feature I forgot to mention is that there is a little shelf that flips down so you can make a mug of tea or coffee. You can also make a travel mug direction under the machine even up to XL size. Then if you want to make the carafe you can flip up the shelf and put the carafe in there.


This truly is a machine that does almost anything we could want for coffee or tea. It is a wonderful unit and we love the ability to make plain or frothy drinks. The recipes are inspiring, and the layout of this unit was well thought out. Use caution if you have well water.


Five stars. I just LOVE this thing. We use it all of the time and each of us loves exploring new ways to make tea and coffee that we never thought of before. This would make a spectacular Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, or Special Occasion, etc present to someone you know who loves coffee and/or tea.

Ninja Home Espresso 2
Ninja Home Espresso 3
Ninja Home Espresso 4
Pamela Oppenheimer 1


I get nervous when I pay quite a bit for certain things because, well, they are just things. However, this Ninja coffee maker I bought a while ago is worth. every. penny. Extra money for the thermal carafe but since I have a thing for breaking the glass ones I figured it would be a good investment plus this carafe doesn’t even get hot and you don’t have to open the lid to pour it!! There is 2 different filter baskets for coffee and tea and as soon as you insert it the system KNOWS what you are trying to make. Then you select what type after that and the tea setting even has you select what type of tea so it brews at the right temp and length ???. Then you can make different sizes like small cups or large to go cups or the 1/2 or whole carafe. THEN, there is a frother on the side if you want to warm your milk and froth it to add it OR you can even whip some heavy cream for hot chocolate. The water container comes out easily to fill in the sink. The measuring spoon on the side is perfect for tea and coffee and the book even says how much if you want strong or regular coffee. Plus a “speciality” button for espresso and chai type coffees and teas. There’s a calibrating button and a cleaning button. I am so in love. It couldn’t have anything else. ?????

Pamela Oppenheimerverified purchaser



I made my first cup of coffee and I’m totally in love. The simplicity, flavor, texture, versatility are unbelievable. I can’t believe I had to be “sold” to try this and to consider giving up my K cups. I have both brewers set up and one is being unplugged and given away because of my Ninja. I feel like a barista (without any training). Even the frothing and cleanup is a breeze. A few extra minutes is well worth it. I can’t wait to make every possible combination of tea and coffee beverages.

Shari verified purchaser

Click on the above link to purchase. When you get to the Amazon store, click on Available from these sellers to get the best price (as low as $99.00)